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We can totally understand that visiting dentists often for is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t have time while others are simply uncomfortable to physically go there, get in line, wait for your turn just to have a 2 minute conversation, or even a small procedure. Holistic Dental Association removes this uncalled inconvenience and provides you with Holistic dentistry services at your own home. No you can get happy and healthy teeth without even going to the dentist.

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Holistic Dental Association takes it capabilities further by not only providing dental services but also educating holistic and alternative dentistry practitioners to keep up their game in providing unmatched support and guidance to individuals all around the globe. What drives us every day is our passion and dedication to provide authentic information and guidance for individuals and practitioners alike who are in quest of expanding their understanding and educating fellow beings with holistic dentistry.

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The IAOMT is concerned about the many sources of fluoride and health risks from this exposure.

Sources of human exposure to fluoride have drastically increased since community water fluoridation began in the U.S. in the 1940’s. In addition to water, these sources now include food, air, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, dental products used at home and in the dental office, pharmaceutical drugs, cookware (non-stick Teflon), and an array of other consumer items used on a regular basis. Most people are not aware of important fluoride facts about these sources.

Exposure to fluoride is suspected of impacting nearly every part of the human body, and the potential for harm has been clearly established in scientific research. A 2006 report by the National Research Council (NRC) identified a number of health risks associated with fluoride exposure. Susceptible subpopulations, such as infants, children, and individuals with diabetes or renal or thyroid problems, are known to be more severely impacted by intake of fluoride. Since such populations and all people can potentially be impacted by fluoride exposure, consumers need to know these crucial fluoride facts.

Given the current levels of exposure, policies should reduce and work toward eliminating avoidable sources of fluoride, including water fluoridation, fluoride-containing dental materials, and other fluoridated products, as a means to promote overall health.


Know Your Dental Mercury Facts: Here’s Why…

Dental amalgam fillings, which are made with a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zinc, are still used in the United States and a number of other countries. Often called “silver fillings,” all dental amalgams are 45-55% elemental mercury. Mercury is toxic, and this poison is recognized as a chemical of major concern because it poses a dangerous threat to public health.  Mercury accumulates in the body, and any amount of mercury taken into the body should be considered hazardous.

The use of mercury in dental amalgam fillings poses serious risks to human health, and dental mercury released into the environment can cause long-lasting damage to wildlife.  The IAOMT is dedicated to sharing dental mercury facts so that professionals and consumers can recognize the threats of amalgam fillings.

Dental amalgams, often called silver fillings, contain about 50% mercury.

Root Canal Therapy

As a holistic dental advisor, it is our prime goal to preserve the integrity of your teeth, gums and dentition. Excessive tenderness and pain on eating or drinking is a sign that the pulp has been badly infected. The bacteria start to gorge its way through the pulp and cause excruciating pain in the process. Once the rapidly ensuing bacteria have traversed across the plane of nerve endings, the pain seems to subside, however the infection has transcended beyond the root canal. Upon visiting a dental practitioner for root canal therapy, your root canal system will be thoroughly cleansed and dis-infected from bacterial invasion. The defect in the root canal is filled with mercury. Now let us delve deeper into the undesirable impact of mercury filling. Our Root Canal Therapy is comprehensive and involves proper disinfection and sterilization of the infectious area through holistic approaches that ensure rapid healing that is free from toxic side effects and high risk complications in the long run.

The Toxic Impact of Heavy Metal Filling

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that comprises the bulk of our dental fillings. However, at holistic dentistry it is our prime concern to impart maximum information to patients about the lethal and neurodegenerative effect of mercury to make better and more informed decisions. Mercury is known to wreak havoc on humans, animals and environment cumulatively. The neurotoxic impact of Mercury has resulted in Autistic spectrum disorder, brain degenerative disorders and heavy ramifications on the body’s immune system as well as pregnant women and children. Holistic Dental Advisors love to advise and guide our patients in being highly cautious in inducing potentially toxic materials within their systems.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Alternative Dental Materials

Alternatives to amalgam include composite resin, glass ionomer, porcelain, and gold, among other options. Most consumers choose direct composite fillings because the white coloring matches the tooth better and the cost is considered moderate.

In the past, a common argument against composite fillings was that they were not as durable as amalgam. However, recent studies have debunked this claim. Researchers of a study which was published in 2016 and conducted on over 76,000 patients for over ten years found that posterior amalgam fillings had a higher annual failure rate than composites.1Two separate studies published in 2013 found that composite fillings performed as well as amalgam when comparing failure rates2and replacement filling rates.3Other research has offered similar findings: a study published in 2015 documented “good clinical performance” of composite resins over a 30-year evaluation,4a meta-analysis published in 2014 noted “good survival” of posterior resin composite restorations,5a study published in 2012 showed certain types of composite materials last as long as amalgam,6and a study published in 2011 found “good clinical performance” of composites over a 22-year period.7

Composite fillings have also been criticized because some of them contain the controversial material bisphenol-A (BPA). Dentists have a variety of opinions about the safety of BPA and other types of bisphenol, such as Bis-GMA and Bis-DMA. There has likewise been concern about glass ionomers, all of which contain fluoride.

Patients who are concerned about the ingredients in their dental materials often choose to speak with their dentists about using a material that does not contain certain ingredients. For example, a product named Admira Fusion8/Admira Fusion X-tra9released in January 2016 by the dental company VOCO is reported to be ceramic10and not to contain Bis-GMA or BPA before or after it has been cured.

Another option for dental patients concerned about which mercury-free alternative to use as a filling material is to do their own research and/or take a dental biocompatibility test. If biological testing is used, a patient’s blood sample is sent to a laboratory where the serum is evaluated for the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies to the chemical ingredients used in dental products.11 The patient is then provided with a detailed list of which name-brand dental materials are safe for their use and which ones could result in a reaction. Two examples of labs that currently offer this service are Biocomp Laboratories12and Clifford Consulting and Research.13

Also, in regards to dental allergies, Dr. Stejskal introduced the MELISA test in 1994. This is a modified version of the (Lymphocyte Transformation Test) LLT designed to test for metal sensitivity type IV delayed hypersensitivity to metals, including sensitivity to mercury.14

In addition to considering which material to use for dental fillings, it is essential that dental patients and professionals be familiar with and utilize safety measures when removing dental amalgam mercury fillings.


Conventional dentistry has since long employed the use of mercury to compose amalgams inside dental fillings. At Holistic Dental Advisors, we promote patients to utilize mercury free ceramic alternatives. If after adequate reflection on the potential hazards associated with mercury amalgams, a patient divulges towards a holistic healing path, we provide comprehensive awareness and guidance to patients regarding the therapeutic process.

Blends of two different metals are utilized inside dental fillings and implants. The saliva acts as an electrolyte and the metals discharge electrons to restore the electrical balance within your mouth. This electric current that is ten times more powerful than the normal current flow inside your mouth and is referred to as galvanic current.

Many a times conventional dental practitioners dupe their patients into considering that their fillings are metal free. This pseudo-concept is reinforced by incorporating porcelain along with metals inside your fillings and crowns. Oral Galvanism can lead to profuse leakage of mercury vapor and particles along with rapid breakdown of fillings. The cumulative influence of gold and silver fillings is potentially hazardous as it dissipates away snippets of metals.

The rampant electrical current can also lead to twitching and tingling associated with trigeminal neuralgia. This neuronal blockage further exacerbates causing pain, inflammation, salty metallic taste, tongue discoloration and burning sensation particularly inside the brain. The electrical current flows through the brain and can disrupt brain function. Adequate removal of the noxious metal is the only leeway through this hazardous situation.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Metal Implants

With the dire need of better aesthetics looming over our heads that offer supple strength after getting a dental fixture, metal implants are in high demand. Patients require adequate guidance regarding the use of metallic implants for their dental conditions. The heavy metals utilized in dental implants include mercury, cobalt, gold, chromium, nickel, platinum, silver and zinc. These metals possess unique properties of malleability, light weight and non-corrosion. Trace metals have significant benefits on your immune systems, excess of which can deteriorate the situation drastically. Metallic implant associated hypersensitivity may develop instantly or years after the initial process.

With the passage of time and flow of saliva during eating and drinking, the metallic material tends to leak out profusely from the implant. These exposed metals can impede the neuronal pathway and result in neurodegenerative conditions, as well as contribute to a long line of chronic autoimmune conditions. Metallic mercury has a substantially damaging influence on the kidneys, heart and brain. It badly impacts children and pregnant women. Hence, we aim to opt for choosing holistic biomaterials for your dental implants that are biocompatible, complications free and offer long term preventative plan.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!


Holistic Dental Advisors are here to give complete ease of mind to patients regarding their dental conditions and our effective solutions. Let us get into the nitty-gritty of how cavitation develops. A cavitation is a hole in the jaw bone due to prolonged infection from root canal or tooth extraction. The void that is left behind becomes the dwelling space for harmful bacteria and food substances that clog the supply of blood to the bone. The bone becomes infarcted in due time and loses its over-all integrity. This blackish piece of dead bone is referred to as necrotic and the process is called osteonecrosis. A bone becomes dead when it has insufficient oxygen supply or experienced osteomyelitis. When the infection arrives at the nerve endings, intense pain and tenderness ensues.

Cavitation associated headaches, facial pains and neuralgias are quite common. The painful symptoms are not localized but systemic. The systemic complications associated with Cavitation have become a rising concern for patients and practitioners alike. One of the extremely disastrous oral conditions is bone necrosis that has high risk ramifications on the entire body in the long run. The infection can spread rapidly through the defect in the bone resulting in a wide array of systemic complications including but not limited to Autoimmune, HIV, sickle cell, and heart and bone diseases.

Holistic Dental Advisors believe in rejuvenating the dead tissue through non-invasive and non-toxic approaches. Our holistic treatment comprises of arriving at a comprehensive analysis of the widespread effect of the condition involved, effective communication with patients and getting rid of the hidden culprit through maintenance of regular hygienic practices with compatible biomaterials.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Biocompatibility of dental materials

Holistic Dental Advisors tends to promote a harmonious relationship between the use interventional biomaterials and internal biochemistry of the body during our dental practices. Any foreign anomaly within the human body can strike up an allergic reaction or exacerbate an infection. We aim to comprehensively assess the patient’s reaction to different materials during the course of their dental treatment as it is highly subjective. For this sole purpose, biocompatibility tests are carried out to ensure harmonious and restorative healing dental processes.

We incorporate the use of biomaterials in our holistic dental practices that are free from any exacerbating complications. At the time of dental infection, the immune system is already under excessive stress and with the use of non-compatible biomaterials, the strain on the immune system reaches an all-time high. At Holistic Dental Advisors, we aim to initiate a smooth healing response within the body by using biomaterials that meld with the inner chemistry of the patient and produce a rapid healing response. Our high quality assurance technique propels us in achieving a fast, effective and least reactive bodily state post therapy.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Dentin Defense Materials

Holistic Dental Advisors are passionate about developing the integrity of your Dentin. The most immaculate defense for your dentin is offered by keeping the pulp infection at bay. It is a well-established fact that healing and defense mechanisms go hand in hand. At one point in time one mechanism predominates over the other to ensure smooth therapeutic healing. Patients need to be well aware of what encompasses the defense system of their dentin. It has been gauged from in-depth research that dentin defense material lies within the cytoplasm of odontoblasts. The enamel that lies on the outer surface of your dentin acts as a transit tool for the flow of blood from your inner pulp to the dentin itself.

Our holistic approaches span across a broad range of preventative measures including abstinence from sugary diet and keeping the oral environment as hygienic as possible that is free from acid releasing pathogens. Maintaining the salivary pumping action via the parotid gland also balances the dentine fluid. The presence of an effective dentin barrier is pivotal to pulp protection from arising infection. When inflammation levels have dampened, adequate room is available for healing particularly dentin centric repair. At Holistic Dental Advisors, we are enthusiastic about promoting natural healing and repair that is devoid of toxic or invasive procedure.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an effective Ayurvedic technique that falls within the spectrum of Alternative Dental Care. It has profound effects on healing long term irritating conditions such as headache, tooth decay, malodor, bleeding gums and sore throat. The procedure itself is as simple as it can get. You just have to gush in a mouthful of oil and observe its profound therapeutic impact. This oral cleansing therapy is found to be more effective than chlorhexidine mouth wash and consists of sunflower or sesame oil.

Oil pulling therapy can be used as an alternative when brushing is contraindicated. Oil pulling falls into liquid medicine that is beneficial for conditions involving oral ulcers, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperhidrosis and allergy. Holistic Dental Advisors consider oil pulling as nature’s gift that offers a well-rounded preventative cure for a wide array of dental conditions. Oil pulling therapy does not offer a natural cleanse of the oral cavity only but extends its restorative power to a comprehensive bodily cleanse encompassing the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, stomach, colon and spine.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Dental Meridians

The Meridian chart is an acupuncture energy mapping that explores the impact of your dental condition on your overall well-being. An intricate web of holistic dental practices and energy medicine lies within the long standing concept of dental meridians. Energy medicine is as old as it can get in channelizing electromagnetic forces in enforcing healing. Through the utilization of Dental Meridians healing occurs on spiritual, psychological and physical level. Abnormal cellular patterns can be restored to a balanced state by understanding the subtle changes in energy as it flows through the intricate structures inside the human body.

Perfect articulation of the meridian process involves broad scale understanding of the miraculous connections that interlink your teeth with other bodily organs and function. The right activation of specific energy points within an organ can have transformative therapeutic impact. By observing the intricate connections among organs that lie within identical energy planes can help in careful manipulation and channeling of energy to promote restorative healing. Many a times, a breakdown in energy flow can result in exacerbation of unwanted symptoms within interlinked organs.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

Titanium Implants

Dental implants have occupied central stage in revolutionizing dental care through ensuring better teeth functioning, cosmetics and phonetics. During the last three decades there has been a grueling debate on the rise between conventional and alternative dental practitioners to explore the pros and cons of metallic implants.

Dental implants are often composed of titanium alloys. Titanium is a non-corrosive, malleable, high tensile strength and light weight metal. Dentistry is an evolving field with the prime goal of restoring teeth function and structure. Using metallic implants is our last resort to fill in the voids that arise post incomplete dental fixtures or as a result of long standing infection. With the booming impediment of Titanium implants, grave analysis needs to be carried out, concerning the potential side effects that may arise in patients with long term metallic implant use. 

We realize that trace amounts of heavy metals have a beneficial impact on human health. With the rising use of metallic implants, various medical conditions are rampaging as well. These include hypersensitivity and auto-immune reactions among patients. The most likely restorative measure for practitioners is to remove the noxious metallic material. These holistic removal tactics have drastically improved chronic conditions among patient such as Sjogren syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, Chron’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune thyroiditis, oral lichen planus etc. Effective and efficient removal of metallic implant is positively linked with patient safety and clinical outcomes.

A consensus has been arrived upon after an in-depth analysis of scientific literature that reflects upon the great challenges, risks and complications associated with dental implants. These adverse reactions include but are not limited to infectious conditions such as peri-implantitis, periodontitis and high risk implant failures.

If you wish to adopt a holistic pathway and restore your dental health, please feel free to contact Holistic Dental Advisors who are here to educate and support you in making better dental health choices for life!

For Dental Professionals

Mercury Safety

Holistic Dental Advisors promote the implementation of Mercury Safe Practices. Mercury element has an extensive hazardous impact on bodily organs. The toxic effect is not restricted to the use of mercury amalgams in dental practices but covers the entire spectrum of body systems. There is soaring scientific evidence pointing towards the use of safe amalgam removal to prevent exacerbating complications that are associated with vaporous mercury leak outs. 

Mercury has great absorptive potential particularly for human flesh. Trace amounts of mercury metal can cause extensive lethal impact on the brain, kidney, heart, lungs, stomach and bone. Not only is mercury full of risks and complications for the human systems but poses great environmental threat for marine life through volcanic eruptions and disposals. Mercury is a toxic substance in itself that acts as a foreign threat that sparks up body’s internal immune mechanism. These fluctuations in the body’s immunity can cause a destructive impact on organs.

Holistic Dental Advisors offers safe and effective methods to dental professionals for removal of mercury amalgams. Our safety protocols are comprehensive and include various techniques ranging from evacuation, rubber dams, cleansing, thawing to filtering. This thorough safety approach combined with our systemic nutritional analyses and follow up consultations stand us apart from other dental practices. Whether you want to remove your mercury amalgam or want to be aware of its potential health risks, you can review the section on “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol,” in the next section.

SMART Protocols

With the growing release of mercury vapor from dental implants and fillings, we support safe mercury amalgam removal techniques that are adopted from IAOMT recommendations. Our Holistic Dental Advisors follow these protocols rigorously. We collaborate with dental personnel to utilize some of the most updated innovative scientific approaches and incorporate them in their amalgam removal processes in order to supplement their conventional methods.

IAOMT Protocol

The SMART Protocol includes the following measures to be followed:

  • Mercury amalgam needs to be collected into an amalgam separator.
  • We should make use of air filtration systems to ensure adequate mercury removal from dental fillings.
  • A piece of charcoal should be placed inside the mouth at the start of a process.
  • Dental Personnel should wear protective gowns, face masks, head barrier, oxygen mask and non-latex nitrile gloves to maintain the standards of safety and efficacy.
  • A dental dam made up of non-latex nitrile material should be inserted into the patient’s mouth with a saliva ejector placed underneath to protect from mercury exposure.
  • During the amalgam removal process, the dentist should shower water profusely utilizing high speed suction evacuation device.
  • The mercury amalgam should be removed using a carbide drill and broken down into big pieces.
  • At the end of the amalgam removal process, the patient’s mouth should be thoroughly flushed and charcoal should be introduced for absorption purposes.
  • Dental Personnel need to comply fully with the laws of federal state and local regulations to ensure smooth handling, cleaning and removal of mercury exposed equipment, clothing and surfaces within the dental clinic.
  • Dental Personnel should utilize personal protection gear during the usage of suction traps.

The IAOMT does not recommend mercury amalgam removal for pregnant women or breast feeding children by dental personnel.

Fluoride Safety

Holistic Dental Advisors are passionate about promoting fluoride free re-mineralization processes. Collaborating with open minded dental personnel regarding the potential complications associated with fluoride exposure is our top-most priority to ensure safe and efficient dental practices. This requires a comprehensive analysis of the detrimental impact posed by fluoride on our teeth and bodily functions at whole.

There is a wealth of scientific literature that points towards the adverse events associated with fluoride use. These harmful effects include nutritional deficiencies, genetic anomalies, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, malnutrition, diabetes, dental fluorosis, bone disease, infertility and kidney disease. It has also been established that fluoride has little to no beneficial impact on our health.

The detrimental influence of fluoride has also been visible when it has been used in trace amounts within the human body. This points towards the lethal impact of Fluoride that we regularly inhale and ingest from our water, air, soil, food, dental products, pharmaceutical drugs, carpeting, clothing and other sources. One such harmful medical condition associated with Fluoride Toxicity is Dental Fluorosis that is prevalent among children. In this condition the enamel of the teeth becomes mottled and brittle which is the most prominent sign of Fluoride Toxicity.

Root Canal Issues

As dental personnel are well aware of the hazardous impact of root canals. Once the inner pulp that is the root of all troubles has been removed, the void left behind in the root canal becomes an excellent hoarding place for pathogens, cholesterol crystals, cysts and granulomatous scars. Lots of antibiotics and other preventative measures have to be taken to overcome these developing complications. The possibility of re-infection is almost always there through inflammatory cytokines and other precursors such as interleukins and tumor necrosis factors.

Holistic Alternatives

Our alternative therapies at Holistic Dental Advisors tend to revolve around preserving your teeth, gums and jaws using natural processes. Once a root canal procedure has been performed, instead of leaving the involved site unperturbed or filling in the void with toxic metallic materials, we tend to seal the canal area with calcium oxide or mineral trioxide aggregate. The next step involves a complete sterilization and disinfection of the oral cavity to prevent any further chances of re-infection. Our holistic approaches keep the canal well perfused and free from endotoxins.

Oral Galvanism

As dental professionals are well aware of the impact of Oral Galvanism on the inner conditioning of the mouth and body at large. The current that flows between two dissimilar metals can have exponential lethal impact on systems that is unfathomable. The discharge of galvanic current within the mouth disrupts the electrical balance of the oral cavity and dislodges metallic particles from dental fillings, implants and amalgams into the oral cavity and eventually the blood stream. These metallic particles tend to diffuse into macrophages, fibroblasts, giant cells and neurons. The connective tissues become loaded with these harmful metallic particles. Since these cells lie within the blood vascular system, they get carried away to distant sites and affect them rapidly.

Macrophages dump the metal into the kidneys, considering them to be waste. This solves the beguiling mystery of how the metallic particles reach into the gums, salivary glands and the blood. The metals in themselves are toxic and need to be removed on urgent basis from the body. The potential ramifications are huge when it comes to prolonged exposure to metallic particles of the body organs. The Galvanic current can cause tinnitus, visual disturbances, headaches, bruxism, depression, trigeminal neuralgia, allergies, neuromuscular conditions and the development of cancerous lesions.

Whether you want to remove your metallic amalgam or want to be aware of its potential health risks, you can review the section on “Titanium implant,” in the next section.

Titanium Implants

Titanium implants are being regularly utilized in dental procedures. Besides the tendency to develop an infection or spark an immune response, metallic implants are foreign bodies in themselves that can worsen outcomes for patients in the long run. The titanium implants tend to degrade, dislodge and disseminate within the blood stream produce unwanted complications. The factors that support the stability of an implant include proper fitting and blood supply at the site of implantation and surrounding bony structures. Titanium implants may fail if they dislodge from their position due to inadequate blood supply.

The factors that result in implant failure include pre-existing gum diseases, exposure to smoking and sugary diet. Implant rejection may also occur if there is poor bone support from surrounding structures due to underlying chronic conditions such as osteoporosis or osteomyelitis. Many a times a titanium implant failure is due to dampening of immune complex. This could be the case in patients with prevailing auto-immune conditions such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Early implant rejection is associated with gum swelling, inflammation, pain and difficulty in chewing. Infection at implantation site is associated with poor oral hygiene, inadequate surgical practices and dampened immune responses due to diabetes or smoking etc.

Our Holistic Dental Advisors are enthusiastic about collaborating with dental personnel to carry out a comprehensive plan that reduces the strain on immune system. Close supervision and planning is needed on part of dental professionals to support a smooth healing response in patients with Titanium implants. This is done by utilizing non-toxic, non-invasive and long term preventative plans in alternative dentistry.

Whether you want to remove your metallic implant or be aware of its potential health risks, you can review our section on Safe implant removal.

Dental Meridian Awareness

As Holistic Dental Advisors we aim to explore the root cause of all ailments, rather than just focusing on treating the symptoms at hand. We love to partner with dental personnel in visualizing the energy chakras, their healing patterns, interconnections and influence. According to a growing body of research that has been conducted in energy medicine, any disturbance in one organ or cellular system has a similar impact on the interconnected organ. This situation is similar to the different areas of the human body that are supplied by the same nerve root and function synchronously.

The healing energy chakras as presented in the Dental Meridian chart date back to five centuries and offer miraculous healing. Holistic Dental Advisors staunchly promote the rigorous utilization of this Meridian chart among dental personnel due to its enormous impact. In holistic dentistry, it is a well-established fact that disturbances in the teeth are interlinked with similar disturbances in the esophagus, spleen, intestine, stomach and other organs. This is due to blockage of vital energy that flows from one organ to the next. Disease is synonymous to negative energy in the Meridian chart and has an adverse impact on the corresponding system.

Holistic Dental Advisors are passionate about imparting their expertise in the area to traditional dental practitioners. They understand the spiritual healing power of vital energy forces that course through the different body organs and impart the restorative insights to practitioners for therapeutic outcomes.

Cavitation Issues

Holistic Dental Advisors strive to partner with dental personnel to encounter the growing impediment of dental cavitation. Chronic exposure to alcohol, bisphosphonates, smoking, sugary diet and steroids can reduce the integrity of jaw bones. A cavitation is a hole or defect in the jaw bone that ensues from a root canal treatment or secondary osteonecrosis. Poor blood supply to the jaw bone can result in avascular necrosis that weakens and deteriorates the bone. This could arise in chronic conditions such as HIV infection, sickle cell disease, Gaucher’s disease and radiation based bone degradation.

The cavitation becomes the cesspool for microbial invaders and results in painful inflammation. The void acts as a connecting link for the spread of infection through body fluids from the oral cavity to distant sites. The complications associated with cavitation are potentially life threatening such as sepsis. Holistic Dental Advisors does not recommend the use of mercury amalgams for dental cavitation, instead they promote the use non-toxic, non-invasive and compatible biomaterials. We approach the dental dilemma from multiple perspectives to come up with effective and less reactive treatment plans for patients.

Ozone Integration and Issues

Holistic Dental Advisors promote the application of ozone therapy in combating dental site infection, swelling and tenderness. The free oxygen radicals act as potent anti-inflammatory agents in disinfecting the site. Ozone dental therapy is a holistic approach for fast and painless eradication of infection and developing the integrity of teeth.

Just like the protective effect of ozone on the environment, similar impact created within the human body. Ozone therapy is devoid of any side-effects, unlike medications and surgical procedures. This specialized property of ozone is found to be of paramount importance in treating dental infections from scratch. This miracle ozone molecule has a transformative healing effect on reversing teeth degeneration due to periodontal diseases. Any allergic predisposition should be thoroughly evaluated before opting for ozone therapy by dental personnel.

Biocompatibility Testing and Issues

The ultimate goal of holistic dental advisors is to use compatible biomaterials for patients during dental procedures, to ensure improved patient outcomes. The human body has a unique ability to accept or reject foreign particles that are introduced into it’s systems. This immunogenicity is translated through an exaggerated inflammatory response in the body. The dilemma of non-compatible biomaterials is that unlike other foreign particles, they remain embedded within the mouth for ages.

In order to eliminate this dental toxicity, safety practices such as biocompatibility testing are carried out by dental personnel before enunciating therapy. Serum biocompatibility testing is carried out by obtaining a sample from patient’s blood and testing it against thousands of dental materials in order to identify the hidden culprit. The process of biocompatibility testing is quite draining and may take almost two weeks. The most common biomaterials to be tested for compatibility issues include porcelain, metallic alloys and composite resins that are employed in various dental procedures. In this way, we are sure of which materials to insert into the oral cavity and which to abstain from.

Holistic Dental Advisors promote dental personnel to evaluate the patient holistically and look for pre-disposing allergic patterns to dental materials efficiently and effectively, before initiating a suitable treatment plan.

Muscle Testing

The human body has an innate tendency to express its rejection of foreign particles through unusual expressions. One of these non-invasive testing tools is called Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Response Testing. Like other practices that are carried out at Holistic Dental Advisors, muscle testing is a completely non-invasive and non-toxic procedure. The process comprises of closely observing the muscle response to different materials without using probes to evaluate internal body feedback.

Muscle testing is quite an effective tool in discerning incompatible biomaterials, as it is fast, simple and non-toxic. All the patient has to do is grasp the material in his hand and the muscle response is measured by the dental personnel. Weak muscle response is linked with non-compatibility of material and a strong muscle response is synonymous to biocompatibility of material.

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