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About Holistic Dental Advisors

About Dr. Michael Rouff
What is Holistic Dentistry?
Mercury Safety
About Dr. Michael Rouff

Dr. Michael Rouff

  • Dr. Michael Rouff BS, DMD,NMD
  • Graduate of RPI 1986 BS
  • Graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of  Dental Medicine 1988. DMD
  • Owned and ran dental practice 25 years
  • Graduate American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry 2010 NMD
  • Started Holistic Dental Advisors April 2019
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What is Holistic Dentistry?

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic Dentists also recognize that oral health reflects the state of health of the whole body.
and materials on the overall health of the individual”. Quite different than just being a dental carpenter.
More specifically, Holistic, also known as Biological Dentistry is considered a field of alternative dental healthcare which treats the teeth, jaw, and related structures with particular regard to how the therapy will affect the entire body.

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Mercury Safety

Mercury Safety

Holistic Dental Advisors promote the implementation of Mercury Safe Practices. Mercury element has an extensive hazardous impact on bodily organs. The toxic effect is not restricted to the use of mercury amalgams in dental practices but covers the entire spectrum of body systems. There is soaring scientific evidence pointing towards the use of safe amalgam removal to prevent exacerbating complications that are associated with vaporous mercury leak outs.

Mercury has great absorptive potential particularly for human flesh. Trace amounts of mercury metal can cause extensive lethal impact on the brain, kidney, heart, lungs, stomach and bone. Not only is mercury full of risks and complications for the human systems but poses great environmental threat for marine life through volcanic eruptions and disposals. Mercury is a toxic substance in itself that acts as a foreign threat that sparks up body’s internal immune mechanism. These fluctuations in the body’s immunity can cause a destructive impact on organs.

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Who do we help?

At Holistic Dental Advisors, we take pride in making the most informed decisions about patient health.  Through our holistic approach, we systematically help patients to understand the benefits and risks and how their decisions could not only have short term implications, but also long-term health effects.

Have you ever wondered if your mouth was making you sick?

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For Patients

Interested in learning a bit more about the chemicals used in traditional dentistry?  Visit our resource library to understand a bit more about the research and implications of some of the toxic chemicals that are probably in your mouth right now!

For Dental and Medical Professionals

Are you an open-minded medical professional that is looking for additional information, or simply can't "crack the code" on your patients ailments?  Visit our resource center to explore some common toxicity issues and where those may stem from. 

Information is power!

With decades of research, personal experience, and first-hand-accounts working with those unknowingly impacted by their traditional dentistry practices, we have hand-curated some of the top studies, information, and resources to help you make the most informed decisions about your health. 

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